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alchemyteacher's Journal

Izumi Curtis
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Name: Izumi Curtis.
Age: 30-45 years old.
Job: Full-time housewife, part-time Alchemist.
Status: Dead (post-Wrath's death!Izumi).
Series: Full Metal Alchemist Anime.
Housing: ???
Personal Relationship: Married and in love with Sieg Curtis (alive).
Alignment: Hero (of the mentor class).
Personality: Izumi Curtis is a strong willed, down-to-earth, mature woman with a fearsome, bad temper and a deep wisdom in themes of life and death. She’s hard-working, strict but soft-heartened when children are involved, acting as their teacher and caretaker.

She prefers to fix things manually than rely on Alchemy as first option, probably because of her bad experience when she attempted human transmutation with the corpse of her unborn child.

Izumi bears a lot of guilt due to that incident, not for the deed anymore. She had paid that with her life and feels in peace in that decision, but with her unwise choice in handing Wrath to the Gate.

Not only her husband and Wrath are important for her, also Ed and Al, her little “stupid apprentices.” To whom, she’s attempting to allow more freedoms now Ed is an adult. Hah, but she just loves to tease him. Admittedly, it’s because she sees a lot of herself in Ed.

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