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I thought I was drowning again. I thought that...

I have my heart back and I look human again. WHO IS MAKING NOISE?!
What the hell is this?! If they think they can wreck destruction and make Chika cry, they are very wrong!

Hikaru, you and your friend could comfort her?

ED?! Where the hell did you go? You are alright, aren't you?
There are many children wandering without adult supervision. Where are their parents?! If my son and Al were here, I wouldn't let them alone in a strange world.

Children, if you need somewhere safe to stay, you can live in Ed's my home.
Why is everyone commenting about the sunrise? It's very pretty and good to know many have learned to appreciate the small wonders of nature, but this is strange.

Any idea, Ed? You went to a fancy gala and left your old teacher without a clue about what is happening.

((OOC: Izumi arrived the 31st Evening, so she doesn't know about the sun blowing up)).
Where the HELL I am?! I was dead… and with Wrath. Where is HE? He can’t be taken away from me just when we were finally reunited!

The sky… I've never seen those pretty lights… This isn’t the Flow, I’ve a body and I don’t feel a strong urge to coughing up anymore.

I want ANSWERS. Quick! Before I start beating up for them.

((OOC: This journal is now used for ad_interim)).
This journal will be used for ad_interim from now on. ♥
Wrath? Will you return home one day soon?

I have noticed the increase of children without adult figures supervising them! If you need anything, from food to clothes or shelter, come to the Butcher Store, I can't have kids abandoned like that.
"Transfiguration" teacher? What kind of freaky chimera was that hat?
Lloyd darling~ I was wondering what would you like for dinner? ♥ I could hunt it down myself.

Dist, Unohana, would you like to help mommy?